MOTD of this Winter 2019

For this winter, I am trying to keep my makeup simple.

For today, no foundation/skin makeup whatsoever, but little hair product and lip&cheek in coral.

  1. Moroccan sleek oil Garnier I’ve used a lot of moroccan oil, both high brand and budget friendly, yet if it is moroccan oil of any kind, they do the job. It’s the oil that moisturizes hair and leave no residue. Strongly recommend.
  2. Blistex. Just a lip balm I had at home. Applied a real thick coat and left for 2-3 minutes, and rubbed it off so I can apply lipstick.
  3. Bbia lip tint No. 14. Orange-red lip tint, just to add some natural color. Wore 2-3 coats to add some strong color though.
  4. Revlon blush Rose oh bebe! coral-pink blush to match the lips.

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