REVIEW: Early Bird Eyeshadow Palette – Pretty Vulgar.

Actually, the main reason I bought this palette was this beautiful case design. One of the prettiest palette I’ve seen.

The palette colors are real easy to use, with two basic color range dividing in half (warm-basic colors and cool-basic colors). I was impressed with the content of very basic colors in one.

Tweet-pink base eyeshadow base color. I use this to prep my eye makeup. Matte

Wink- light gold glitter shadow. Can be used for point colors after finishing the eye makeup.

Chirp – Orange with gold glitter. Very warm color. I am not sure how to use this on the eyes, so I sometimes use this as blush. However, not as pigmented and easy to blend as tweet or wink

Dividing in half in warm and cool eyeshadow colors.

Rise- my go-to in this palette. Real easy to use base color. Can be used as base for any eye makeup

Shine- Real golden glitter eye color. Very pigmented and richly blendable.

Nest egg- Can be used as second step to finish the eye makeup. Real pretty color, I have been looking for this color, which is bit difficult to find, as most eyeshadows are either nudy base like Rise or real deep brown like Victory. Something in between between base and point color.

Conquer- Another mid-tone brown color that is tricky to find, but with glitter.

Victory- Usually use this to soften eyeliner.

Shine and rise is easily bendable and richly pigmented, but nest egg and victory is bit stiff and tricky to blend.

Ruffled- pretty pinkish glitter, yet not richly pigmented. If I apply it, there is hardly no pink color like the palette looks, but leaves me with just glitter.

Unruffled- very pretty pretty base color. My another go-to in this palette.

True colors- Pretty color in a palette, yet like ruffled, when I apply on skin, there is hardly no color but just glitter left.

Unveil- Pretty deep cool brown. Yet, not easy to blend and bit stiff.

Early bird palette is real pretty palette, but some of the eyeshadows are hard to blend. But has practical and easy to use colors.

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