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New Winter Staples for December

I usually go for deep colors like berry and red for winter, but for change of ambience, I am using more brighter, apricot palette for this winter.

From top left to right :

Nyx Ultimate Edit Palette: I mostly use these as point colors just for the center of my eyes (The second peach color) Compared to other palettes I own, this is not the most strongly pigmented one, but no complains bc I don’t mind them that way. If you are looking for neon point color palette, I recommend this one.

Kevyn Aucoin The Exotique Diamond Eye Gloss : If you want similar effect in lower budget you can replace this with Vaseline, but this pot is so beautiful I don’t regret buying it, for once. I might not repurchase though. Has white glitter.

Nars Sex Appeal Blush: One of the prettiest peach color blush. If you are a girl with fair peach&cream complexion, def recommend. Bit to soft for my complexion, but I still use it.

Laura Mercier Bare Baby lip gloss: Simple lip gloss for winter.

Laura Mercier Eye Basics linen: Very subtle base eyeshadow/ eye primer.

L’occitane Rose creme mains hand cream: Will be using religiously for winter for my super dry skin:(

Viseart Theory Palette Chroma: for peachy eyeshadow/blush palette, it is nice to balance it out with khaki/silver palette. Detailed review to come.

REVIEW: Nars Angelika Blush

Nars Angelika Blush

Very pretty color. Also bit unconventional, bc I think the color is cool pink, but the glitter in it is gold, so when applied, the color looks bit warm.

This is closest to the actual color. If you want Nars blush in more cooler shades, I def recommend this one. Very pretty, but not so famous. Slightly magenta-like.

You have to apply this really lightly with a brush, bc it is very strongly pigmented.

REVIEW: Nars Fathom Eyeshadow

This is a single eyeshadow, 2.2g. Looks small in actual size, but it will probably last lifetime. Has ample sized silver/white glitter in it, really visible when applied on lid.

Adjusted the pic so it looks more like the actual color. Muted light pink color, but when applied on my skin, pink is less visible and turns to more apricot shade. I hoped the color on the palette would be more visible when applied, but bit different when actually applied on my skin, it turns more to natural, bronzy shade then muted pink. Dry, very light texture.

Review: Laura Mercier EYE ART ARTIST PALETTE

Lovely palette with lots of cool colors. Colors are bit muted and soft.

Took the photo so it is close to the actual product. 90% close to the actual colors, except lighter ones like sparkling dew (much more brighter in real life) but medium toned colors (plum smoke/fresco) are real close to the actual product.

The best part of this product is how soft it is when applied on skin. The powder is very soft, practically melts when applied.

Sparkling dew: Pinkish white wet eyeshadow. I usually use this as highlighter.

Vanilla nuts: Ivory/warm light yellow matte base shadow.

Guava: Orange wet light shadow. I mostly use this as a blush.

Primrose: Basic soft rose wet shadow. I find this really practical color to use.

African violet- Medium purple color with gold sheen. Unconventional color

Plum smoke- Real practical color to use, muted purple color. Really easy color to use

Fresco- Another rose muted base color, really easy to use. However on my skin, turns little brown than pink like on the palette.

Bamboo- light olive brown color.

Kir royal- medium dark purple. Turns more brown than purple like on the palette on my skin when applied.

Violet ink- matte. I use this shadow to soften my eyeliner, I like that they have something dark in purple not brown, as often palettes do.

Truffle- medium to dark shadow. The actual product is more darker than the pic. Matte

Espresso Bean- Cool brown matte shadow.

Most of the eyeshadows are in soft and muted color.