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Laura Mercier Bare Baby lip gloss

The color is more lighter/warmer than the pic. Has glitter in it(very small) I love the texture as it is very soft, not sticky. But personally, not fan of the smell.. as it is too sugary for me.

Review: Laura Mercier EYE ART ARTIST PALETTE

Lovely palette with lots of cool colors. Colors are bit muted and soft.

Took the photo so it is close to the actual product. 90% close to the actual colors, except lighter ones like sparkling dew (much more brighter in real life) but medium toned colors (plum smoke/fresco) are real close to the actual product.

The best part of this product is how soft it is when applied on skin. The powder is very soft, practically melts when applied.

Sparkling dew: Pinkish white wet eyeshadow. I usually use this as highlighter.

Vanilla nuts: Ivory/warm light yellow matte base shadow.

Guava: Orange wet light shadow. I mostly use this as a blush.

Primrose: Basic soft rose wet shadow. I find this really practical color to use.

African violet- Medium purple color with gold sheen. Unconventional color

Plum smoke- Real practical color to use, muted purple color. Really easy color to use

Fresco- Another rose muted base color, really easy to use. However on my skin, turns little brown than pink like on the palette.

Bamboo- light olive brown color.

Kir royal- medium dark purple. Turns more brown than purple like on the palette on my skin when applied.

Violet ink- matte. I use this shadow to soften my eyeliner, I like that they have something dark in purple not brown, as often palettes do.

Truffle- medium to dark shadow. The actual product is more darker than the pic. Matte

Espresso Bean- Cool brown matte shadow.

Most of the eyeshadows are in soft and muted color.