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Review: Mac Peony petal blush

blue-pink matte powder blush. Has some white in it. x Purple blush, but pink. Little difficult to apply, as the formula is bit stiff (have to use brush, not fingers) but really pretty unique color. Has no yellow or red in it, pure blue-pink color.

Staples for This Fall 01

For this fall, I am adding more colors+pink hues.

  1. Bobbi Brown Face Base. Cream for base prepping. Simple, nourishing cream.
  2. Stella Powder Haze. light pink face powder. Simple, easy to use powder for finishing pores. Everyday go-to, applying all over face.
  3. BBia Last Velvet Lip Stain 14 Though this is a lip stain, I used this more as a cream blush, mixing it with other nudy lip stain or cream blush. Very Autumn like color, warm brick orangey red. Perfect for fall color mood and easy color.
  4. Mac Peony Petal. Though this is a blush, I would be mostly using this to add more pinkish hue to my eyeshadow/highlighter. I actually rarely use this as a blush, more as an eyeshadow. But also very flattering cool-pink color. One of the prettiest colors I’ve seen in blush.
  5. Laura Mercier Eye Basics Linen. Eye primer and base nudy eyeshadow in one, but on my skin, the color doesn’t show very much so I just use it as everyday eye primer.
  6. Nyx Ultimate Petite Palette. Newly purchased palette to add some colors to my routine. Mostly will be using pink shades+ mixed with Mac blush.